Dixons Fazakerley Academy | Year 11 Geography Revision
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Dixons Fazakerley Academy

Year 11 Geography Revision

Knowledge Navigators:

Paper 1 - Living with the physical environmentPaper 2 - Challenges in the human environment

Section A: challenge of natural hazards

Climate change

Natural hazards & tectonic theory

Tectonic hazards case study

Weather hazards

Section A: Urban issues and challenges

Urban change and sustainability - Leeds case study

Urbanisation and Lagos

Section B: Living World

Cold environments


Tropical rain forests

Section B: Changing economic world

Economic development - Nigeria case study

Economic development - UK case study

Reducing the development gap

Section C: Physical landscapes in the UK

Coastal landscapes

River landscapes

Section C: Challenge of resource management


UK resources

Past Papers:

Paper 1 2018Paper 1 2018 mark scheme
Paper 2 2018Paper 2 2018 mark scheme
Paper 3 2018Paper 3 2018 mark scheme
Paper 3 2019Paper 3 2019 mark scheme

Revision Materials:

Dixons Academies Trust Geography videos