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We expect our students to have 100% correct uniform every day. At Dixons Fazakerley Academy we want our students to be successful and climb the mountain to university or a real alternative. Uniform is one of our six Learning Habits. We believe uniform is very important because it prepares students for the world of work, gives us pride in our Academy and promotes equality. By helping your child to achieve our learning habit of perfect uniform every day you will be supporting your child and the Academy in achieving our mission.

Our core values are Determination, Integrity and Respect and you can support your child to live these values by ensuring they have the correct uniform. We will ensure students are aware of our expectation that uniform is worn correctly at all times and we will encourage students to wear their uniform with pride in school and in the community.

The way students wear their uniform is just as important as what they wear. Equipment and personal items should be carried in the student’s school bag, not in the pockets of the blazer as this damages the blazer over time and looks untidy. Skirts should be worn at the manufactured length, not rolled up. Mobile phones must be switched off and put away in the school bag. If phones are seen they will be placed in the school safe until the end of the day. On the second occasion, the phone must be collected from the Academy by an appropriate adult.

Students have the opportunity to correct their uniform by speaking to a member of the Mountain Rescue team before 8.29am each morning. A half hour same day correction will be given for incorrect uniform. Students who refuse to correct their uniform cross a red line and will be placed in isolation (Mountain Support) for the day.

Thank you for supporting your child to wear 100% correct uniform every day. Please see the downloads at the bottom of the page for a detailed breakdown of uniform expectations and illustrations of correct and incorrect items of uniform for each Year group.

Parents have the oppurtunity to purchase secondhand uniforms from school.