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At Dixons Fazakerley Academy, we have a dedicated attendance team who can support families in ensuring that their children have exceptional attendance. This means above 97%, equivalent to less than five days of absence per year.

Term Time Holidays

We do not authorise term time holidays because of the impact they have on students' attainment. All unauthorised term time holidays will be referred to the educational welfare service for issue of a fixed penalty notice. This constitutes a fine per parent per child. Failure to discharge (pay) the penalty notice will automatically proceed to a prosecution via the local authority legal team.

We are passionate about ensuring that every student feels happy and supported in school and so if you would like any support please do not hesitate to contact us via: attendance@dixonsfa.com or by calling: 0151 524 4530.

Designated Attendance Lead - Mr A. Roberts

Student Liaison Officer - Ms K. Atherton

Attendance Officers - Ms D. Hayworth & Ms N. O'Hare

We also have an attendance drop in every Tuesday from 3.45 - 4.30pm if you would like to discuss any issues regarding attendance.

Please see the graphic below which highlights so clearly the lessons that are lost through non-attendance. Students learn so much in every lesson that even missing only 5 days over an academic year will mean your child will miss 33 lessons.

Percentage attendanceDays missedLessons missed

Similarly you can see below the impact of punctuality on the lessons missed by students. Students who are 15 minutes late a day can lose 50 lessons of learning over an academic year!

Minutes lateDays missedLessons missed

Click here for a helpful article from the Department for Education regarding everything you need to know about attendance when starting back at school after the summer holidays.

Here is a useful link from the NHS website

Tips for parents whose children are struggling to attend school | Children's Commissioner for England

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