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Dixons Fazakerley Academy


At Dixons Fazakerley Academy, we believe that our students deserve the very best opportunities, both in and out of the classroom. That's why we provide a full and varied programme of enrichment activities for all students at the end of every day.

Through our enrichment programme, we want students to become stronger in body and mind so that they can become well-rounded young people, destined to make a special contribution to the world we live and share.

Our enrichment programme takes students beyond their everyday experiences and to the edge of their comfort zone. We seek to prepare students to be independent, resilient, life-long learners.

Students can access a range of clubs and activities, including:

  • cooking club
  • creative writing
  • chess
  • different sports clubs

The enrichment programme seeks to prepare students to be independent, resilient, life-long learners and also helps students develop their social skills. See our full enrichment timetable here.