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Dixons Fazakerley Academy

Corridors and Transitions

At Dixons Fazakerley Academy we have calm corridors and quiet transitions. Our students feel happy and safe in an orderly environment where respect is modelled, relationships are enhanced and learning time is maximised. This is our collective responsibility.

During quiet transitions, we show respect to each other by being polite and courteous. When staff ask students about their wellbeing, this is a two-way conversation. This helps students become comfortable conversing with adults so that when they go out into the world they make a positive impression with the people they meet.

Our relationships are enhanced by the positive demeanour we embody and questions staff ask of students as they walk to lessons: how they are; how many positive comments they have gained or how many appreciations they have earned.

Our learning time is maximised because students have precisely three minutes to successfully transition from one point to another. Students walk with pace and purpose during transitions because they know that every second counts.