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Dixons Fazakerley Academy

A high performing, nationally recognised academy trust

Dixons Fazakerley Academy was the first school in our North West regional hub. Being part of Dixons provides many benefits which we are confident will result in rapid improvements to the provision offered in the school. Dixons will bring strong leadership, an outstanding and nationally recognised educational approach and proven track record of turning around failing schools.

Strong leadership

The school will be led by a new Principal, Chris Wilson, who was recruited by Dixons and is an experienced leader with a strong track record. Chris will be supported by our Regional Executive Principal, Mark Harrison, who has a proven track record of educational excellence and extensive experience of working in the North West. Both are highly aligned to our trust’s mission and values and supported closely by our wider Executive Team.

Dixons Academies performance

The wider reputation of our trust as an outstanding provider, our position in West Yorkshire and nationally, our performance in national school and MAT performance tables, demonstrates what is possible for Dixons Fazakerley as the school joins our Trust and becomes a Dixons academy.

Educational turnaround

Our trust's proven track record of school improvement further demonstrates what we offer to our schools and the communities they serve. For example, the improvements made at Dixons Allerton Academy which, before joining Dixons, was failing educationally and repeatedly let down by previous custodians resulting in serious reputational damage within the local community.

For more information about Dixons, visit www.dixonsat.com or subscribe to our YouTube channel www.youtube.com/dixonsopensource.