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Dixons Fazakerley Academy

Year 9 STEM Careers Enrichment Day

Posted 10th July 2024

The STEM Careers Enrichment Day was held to inspire and inform Year 9 students about the diverse and exciting career opportunities in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). The event aimed to encourage students to consider STEM subjects in their future educational and career choices.


1. Medical Mavericks – Hands on workshop where students took blood, recorded and printed and ECG, tried Keyhole Surgery, saw inside their body with an ultrasound machine and took pictures of the retina. Students were introduced to dozens of careers in the NHS and activities related to this were delivered.

2. Zoology and Microbiology – Dr Chris Mitchell from the School of Life Sciences at the University of Liverpool delivered a wonderful workshop about animal intelligence and different sorts of animals we think might be intelligent such as badgers, octopuses and chimps. This session was coupled with students observing parasites and other microorganisms with the microscopes to give insights in to a careers in microbiology and other zoological careers.

3. Nutrition and Food Science – Students took part in a session to discover the calorie content in some of their favourite snacks. This session allowed students an insight in to food technology and nutrition.

4. Sport Science – Students had the opportunity to take part in a session to discover the causes of muscle fatigue and how affects elite athletes. Careers information was shared with students in the many sectors of sports science.

5. Polymer and Material Science – Students produced and tested their own polymer, the aim of the session was to show students the vast employment opportunities in the science of manufacturing a whole host of advanced materials.

6. Photonics- Photonics is the latest cutting edge advances in using light to display and transmit data. Students developed their own prism and then used this to make a hologram. This field is an incredibly fast paced sector of STEM and students discovered lots of opportunities for study and employment in this field.

Student Feedback:

“ The medical mavericks session was amazing! I loved using all the medical equipment”

“I know a lot more about STEM careers”

“ I am more interested in pursuing a career in STEM”

“I wish we could have more days like this”