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World Book Day Writing Competition

Posted 24th March 2022

A huge thank you to everyone who entered! There were some truly excellent examples of writing, however, there can only be one winner.

Congratulations to one of our amazing year 9 students for this entry. The judges loved his rather harrowing vision of a post-apocalyptic future. A Waterstones voucher is coming your way!


… a bright, blue feathered raven with bright orange eyes flew towards him like a messenger. It gave him a feeling of warmth and he immediately realised life could survive. He ran back to the hatch to tell everyone that it was safe; the door was already open. The others were at the tunnel, ready to climb out.

Arthur told them it was safe, and as they were climbing out, Arthur froze. His eyes turned black. Suddenly, his torso was ripped apart. A giant, mutated hyena clawed him in half and threw him around like a dog-toy, splattering his blood all over the tunnel floor…