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STEM Careers Enrichment Workshop Inspires Year 10 Students

Posted 26th June 2024

Recently, Year 10 students at Dixons Fazakerley Academy immersed themselves in a captivating STEM Careers Enrichment Workshop led by a University of Liverpool Chemistry Masters student. The session aimed to demystify university life and inspire future aspirations among our students.

The workshop covered fundamental aspects of university education, including who should attend university and the diverse range of degrees available. Practical guidance on UCAS applications and student finance was also provided, ensuring students gained valuable insights into navigating the application process and managing financial considerations.

Highlighting the vibrant university life, the workshop explored the myriad social opportunities through societies, clubs, and student halls. Students received firsthand accounts of student life, empowering them with knowledge about networking, securing work experience, and exploring degree apprenticeships.

Moreover, the session equipped students with essential study tips and resources to excel academically. Strategies such as creating study timetables, utilizing educational YouTube channels, and accessing exam practice websites were shared to enhance their preparation for GCSEs and beyond.

Throughout the workshop, Year 10 students actively engaged, posing insightful questions that dispelled misconceptions about university living, financial support, and employment opportunities while studying. Their enthusiasm and curiosity underscored their eagerness to explore higher education possibilities.

In line with Dixons Fazakerley Academy's mission to empower students through education, this inspiring workshop not only provided valuable information but also instilled a sense of ambition and purpose in our Year 10 cohort. It reinforced our commitment to nurturing aspirations and preparing students for university or a real alternative.