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Dixons Fazakerley Academy

Edge Hill University Trip

Date of Event: 27th February 2024

On 27th February 2024, 38 Year 9 and Year 10 students visited Edge Hill University to see first hand what it’s like being at a campus university.

Edge Hill University spoke to our students about what a typical university student’s timetable looks like, the fantastic opportunities they have to participate in a wide variety of sports or societies alongside a wide variety of University courses. They also got to hear lots of surprising facts about different universities, such as the Extreme Ironing society at the University of Nottingham and a Surf Science degree in Cornwall!

There was still time though for the students to have three maths lessons, to learn about fractions, ratio and expanding brackets.

While they were there, the students had a tour of the campus and were surprised how big it was. They got to take a peek at the industry-standard recording studios as they walked through Creative Edge… but they were really impressed to see that university students were able to get a Subway or Costa coffee without leaving the site!