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Dixons Fazakerley Academy

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Year 8 Humanities option

We are asking our Year 8 students to opt for the humanities subject – History or Geography – that they will go on to study in greater depth for GCSE in Years 9 to 11. This is the first important choice that your child will have to make in advance of their full options choices which will take place this time next year.

Whichever subject your child chooses, they will study this subject for two lessons over the course of Year 9. Let me add that whether their choice be History or Geography, they will continue to study the other subject once a week in Year 9. This decision has been made to ensure that students have more autonomy over their curriculum at an earlier stage but also to ensure that they will continue to benefit from the Powerful Knowledge that a broad and balanced curriculum can offer.

See the videos below to find out more about each subject.

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