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Dixons Fazakerley Academy

Half term Monday 29 May - Friday 2 June. Read More

Year 11 Homework

Homework on Carousel

Click on the relevant links below and enter your full first name and full surname (e.g. John Smith). You complete some practice of the flashcards to revise the key knowledge then complete the test at least once (you have 5 attempts). We expect a pass mark of 80%. Homework is due by 8.30am on the date shown.

Links for week beginning Monday 22 May

History (due Thursday 25 May):

Geography (due Thursday 25 May):

Maths Homework on Sparx (due Friday 26 May): Use the Username and Password given to you by your maths teacher

French (due Monday 5 June):

Spanish (due Monday 5 June):

English Literature (due Monday 5 June):

Science - Biology (due Tuesday 6 June):

Science - Chemistry (due Tuesday 6 June):

Science - Physics (due Tuesday 6 June):

Business Studies (due Tuesday 6 June):

Computer Science (due Tuesday 6 June):

Year 11 weekly homework timetable